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 19 epizoda-Dead Man's Blood

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Bar at night- Manning, Colorado: The scene opens up to an old man, Daniel Elkins looking through his ‘journal.’ From what we see, he might be some kind of hunter. The bar maid offers Elkins another drink, then a group of people enter the bar and the old man is obviously startled. The barmaid asks the newcomers if they want food, but they say no, they have ‘dinner plans.’ When the barmaid turns, Elkins has vanished.

Cut to outside: Elkins is hastily returning to his home in the canyon, alone. He’s scared. He keeps looking around, and as soon as he enters his house he realizes he is not alone. He turns to see a woman- one of the group from the bar facing him. He throws a knife at her and it plunges into her chest, but she simply pulls it out. He dashes into the next room, placing a case in front of the door and tugging an old antique gun from his safe. Before he can load and fire two more from the bar crash through his ceiling and grab him. The woman joins them and takes the gun. She says ‘Boys, we’re eating in tonight.’ And we hear Elkins scream.

Café: Dean is reading the paper and Sam is surfing the net looking for gigs. Dean suggests they could go back to New York and see Sarah, but Sam brushes it off and offers up a case of a man in Colorado mauled in his home. Dean recognizes the name and checks their dad’s journal. It seems John knew Daniel Elkins.

Elkins House, Night: Sam and Dean have travelled to Colorado to check things out. They go inside the ransacked house and look around with torches in the dark. Sam spots a ring of salt inside the door- a protection circle! Then Dean sees Elkins had a journal just like their dad’s- he was a hunter. They look around more, and Dean sees the case the gun came out of, along with some strange scratches on the floor. He uses a paper and pencil to etch over the marks and finds it’s a Post Office combination and location- a mail drop.

Elkins Mail Box: Sam and dean use the combination they found to get into the post box. Inside, they discover a letter with the initials JW.

Impala: The boys ponder if the letter is for their dad or not when there is a knocking at the car window- it’s John! John gets in the back of the car and says he’s come because he read the news about Daniel. Daniel was kind of his mentor until they had a falling out. He reads the letter from the mail box and is shocked to find Daniel had an important Colt revolver all the time and now the bad guys have it. John tells the boys they need to pick up the trail of what killed Daniel and get the gun back. Sam says how when they don’t know what they’re dealing with. John tells them Elkins was a vampire hunter! Dean is surprised- he didn’t think they existed anymore. John explains he thought vampires were extinct, and that most vampire lore is crap- stakes to the heart etc don’t work.

Roadside, night: We see the group that attacked Elkins drinking and waiting for their next victims. Headlights appear on the highway. It’s a young couple. Suddenly, there’s a body in the road- it’s one of the vampires faking it to catch his prey. The couple get out unawares, and the vampire shows his true intention by jumping up, spiky teeth bared!

Cabin: While the boys sleep, John has been listening to police frequencies and has heard the police have found the couples car abandoned. He awakens the boys- its party time. They’re on the vampires trail.

Crime scene: Sam, Dean and John are at the police cordon where the couple vanished. John says they’re on the right trail and Sam is skeptical. He questions their dad who gets a little testy and shows them a vampire’s tooth he’s found.

They set off on the trail, John in his pick-up, and the boys in the Impala. Dean reads about vampires while Sam drives. Sam mentions he’s mad that their dad isn’t explaining much and treats them like children. Dean knows ‘it’s starting’ and tries to calm things.

Barn/Vampire Lair: The vamps are partying, and have the young couple tied up. They taunt the couple with beer. The woman vampire watches and finds it amusing. When Bo, one of her companions goes to hit the girl, though, she stops him telling him to wait for Luther. Luther is obviously their master. No sooner has she spoken than Luther arrives. The woman vamp kisses him and then tells him they have presents- meaning the couple. He likes the look of the girl but lets the other vamps feed on the guy. The woman vampire shows him more gifts. She hands over the gun from Elkins. He says he’s seen the gun before, but most of all he’s angry because killing Elkins will bring more hunters after them.

Impala: John rings Dean with instructions to pull off at the next exit, but Sam is mad because he doesn’t give them any reasoning behind his actions. Sam floors the gas and pulls the Impala in front of their dad’s truck. Sam and John argue. Sam wants information- why is the Colt so important? Dean has to pull Sam and John apart and get them back on the trail.

Barn/Vampire Lair: Luther and the woman vampire are making out. Luther notices the young girl who is tied up watching and tells her he likes to watch too. Then, he cuts the woman vampire’s wrist and she takes a mouth full of blood before sitting on the girl’s knee and putting some of the blood in her mouth- effectively ‘turning her.’

Barn/Vampire Liar, the next morning: Dean, Sam and John are watching the vampires. John explains vamps can go out in the sun, it’s just like a nasty sunburn too them. The only thing that will kill them is to cut off their heads. Dean says just walking in isn’t an option then, but John says ‘actually that’s the plan. The boys get machetes from the Impala’s trunk, and John gets one from his truck’s weapons stash.
Then, John finally decides to tell them about the Colt. Apparently it’s just a legend, but the Colt was made in 1835 by Sam Colt for a hunter. He made the weapon and 13 special bullets. They say the gun can kill anything- perhaps the demon that killed their mom.

Now the vampires have the gun, so the gang have to go into their lair to get it. All three go in cautiously, and John spots the Colt, but just then Sam tries to free the girl, not realizing she’s been turned. She screams out, alerting the other vamps, and our gang only just get out with their lives- and no Colt! Worse still, the vampires have the Winchesters scent and won’t stop going after them. John says they have to find a funeral parlor and fast…

Cabin: Dean has gone to find a funeral parlour leaving Sam and John alone. While he’s gone the pair have quite a father/son chat. John explains he wanted to protect the boys so much he became their drill sergeant rather than a dad anymore. He only did it out of love because he wanted to keep them alive and prepared. Finally Sam understands his dad’s reasoning.

Dean returns with a jar of ‘dead men’s blood’ which is apparently poisonous to the vampires.

Impala, night: Dean has the Impala’s hood up pretending he’s broken down. The woman vamp shows up with one of her vamp buddies and grabs him. She forces him to kiss her, but suddenly we hear a swish and see both vampires have been shot with a crossbow! The arrows have been dipped in ‘dead man’s blood’ which the vampires are allergic to. Sam and John appear from their hiding place. Sam cuts off the male vampires head, but John takes the woman as a hostage to use as leverage.

Woods: John and the boys finalize their plans and Sam realizes John is planning on leaving again once the gig is over. He wants to take the gun and fight the demon on his own. Sam and Dean are mad, they tell their dad they’re not kids anymore and they should all kill the demon together. They argue a little but John says he can’t watch his kids die. Dean says Sam is right, they’re stronger as a family, but still John tells them to do their job on this gig and then leave…

Barn/Vampire Lair: Bo reports in that one of their number has been decapitated, and Luther’s mate, Kate has been kidnapped. They hear a truck nearby and Luther knows Kate is in it.

Highway: John has Kate in his pick-up and is hoping the vamps will pick up on it. They do, and he spots their lights in his rear-view.

Barn/Vampire Lair: While John keeps Luther busy, Dean and Sam go back to the lair to trash it and clean out the remaining vamps. Dean says ‘Boo’ and cuts off Bo’s head. Then he goes to free prisoners the vampires have been keeping for food.

Highway: John notices the lights in his rear-view have vanished, and when he turns the next bend Luther and some of the vampires are waiting. John gets out with Kate the woman vampire in tow. He tells Luther he’ll trade her for the Colt. Luther agrees and places the Colt on the floor. John goes to get it cautiously, but Kate gets free and hits him. Luther whacks John, sending him flying, and it looks like he could be in real trouble when WHAM. One of the vampires gets arrowed! Sam and Dean to the rescue. The boys and the vamps fight, but Luther gets a hold of Sam and threatens to break his neck. Luther says his people have as much right to live as humans, but then we hear John say ‘I don’t think so.’ Daddy Winchester is back in the fight and he has the Colt. He shoots Luther, who dies a nasty death from the infamous gun and its bullet. The other vampires run.

Cabin: John comes in as the boys are packing. He tells them he finally sees their side of things, and that they are stronger as a family. They’re going after the demon TOGETHER…Fade to black.
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19 epizoda-Dead Man's Blood
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