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 16 epizoda-Hell House

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PostSubject: 16 epizoda-Hell House   16 epizoda-Hell House Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 12:26 pm

Richardson, Texas (2 months ago): Three teenagers, lead by a young man Craig, are walking through the woods on a cold night. Craig leads them to an old, abandoned house. One girl is hesitant to enter, so another person within the groups offers her his hand, which she rejects after he gets inappropriate. All of them eventually enter, once they do, they look around only to find a girl hung from the ceiling.

Interstate 35: Sam is sleeping soundly while Dean is driving. Due to Dean's overwhelming bordom he sticks a spoon in Sam's mouth and snap-shots it. Sam awakens both startled and annoyed. Apparently when they were younger both brothers played pratical jokes on one another. The sibiling pranks are now arising again.

Dean asks Sam if he could go through what happened again. Sam takes out a newspaper and explains the incident to Dean. Except the newspaper says when the police came to check out the "haunted house" the girl's body was not there. Dean doesn't believe it, but Sam says according to that the kids are pretty sincere. Dean finds it amusing that Sam goes to the websites. Since there Dad left, they had to find other things to hunt and this was there next case.

Cafeteria: The three teens talk about there experience to Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean ask about how they found the place, and they all say one name: Craig.

Record Store: Sam and Dean enter and are immediately greeted by Craig. Dean and Sam say they are a part of the Dallas Morning News. Sam questions Craig while Dean gets more interested in the records. Craig explains the legend about Mordechai Murdoch, how during the Great Depression he killed his daughters so they wouldn't starve. And then he hung himself. Craig got the legend from his cousin. Craig wants them to know the girl was real.

Woods: Sam and Dean scout the area where Craig says the house was. They find it and use a device to find out that there are still readings, but they may be false due to a nearby pylon.

"Hell House": Once they enter they look around and find different symbols on the walls. Dean notices one of the symbols on the walls but can't identify what exactly it is. Sam notices that the paint is fresh. Sam and Dean hear something coming from the other room.

They kick open the door and find two "paranormal investigators", Harry and Ed. Turns out they run the site They are disgusted with Sam and Dean calling them two "amatuers" that just wanted "ghosts and cheap thrills." Harry and Ed try to act professional with their "EMF" (electromagnetic field mete), but Sam and Dean know they're phoney and try to keep straight faces. Sam and Dean exit while Ed starts laughing because they got high.

Richardson Library: Sam has researched about Mordechai, but couldn't find anything. Instead he found another man, Martin Murdoch who lived in the house in the 30s. He had two sons, none of which died. Dean thinks this is just a bust because no missing reports even match the dead girl's description. Dean turns on the car and the radio is on full blast and definitely not his kind of music. Sam laughs and is proud that finally he pulled one on Dean.

Hell House: That night three teenagers again are in front of the house. This time two girls and one guy. A girl, Jill is dared to go in the house or else she has to make out with the guy. She decides to go in, alone. She hears sounds and gets frieghtened. Then the ghost of Mordechai is behind her. He puts a rope around her and Jill strangles to death.

The next day Sam and Dean notice a commotion around the house. They investigate and ask a man what happened. He explains that the cops believe Jill commited suicide, although she was a straight a student and had a full ride to U.T. The brothers realize they missed something.

During the night, the cops surround the house so no one can get in, not even Sam and Dean. They notice a rustle in a bush nearby. It's Ed and Harry. Dean blows their cover, so the cops chase Ed and Harry away while the two brothers sneak in.

They head straight for the basement and search around. They hear a noice that only turns out to be a rat. They hear another noise but this time its the ghost. Sam and Dean start shooting at it to no avail. Unable to defeat the spirit they retreat as the ghost does damage to the Hell House.

Ed and Harry, outside, lost the cops and are by the house. They see the ghost and Sam and Dean running outside. Ed and Harry are frightened but they got it on tape. The cops find them again and they are forced to leave.

Motel: Dean sketches the symbol that he noticed in the house. Yet, he still can't make the connection. Sam explains how the Mordichai's ghost didn't make sense because he was carrying around an axe and had slit wrists. Then Sam notices on that someone changed the story, into that he slit his wrists with an axe. Dean doesn't know how this is happening but he believes he knows where it started.

Record Store: Sam and Dean find Craig again, yet this time they were just there to "buy an album." Dean picks out a record, and shows it to Craig. Dean couldn't find out what the symbol meant until he realized it was a logo for the Blue Oyster Cult. Dean askes Craig not to lie this time.

Craig comes clean and tells the truth about how it was him and his cousins idea. They found an abandoned dump and they made it look haunted by nailing and painting things to the walls such as band logos and signs from a theology book. Then they made a story to go along with it using the Murdoch name. The story started to spread and eventually got on the internet. Now Craig knew it wasn't a joke anymore but he didn't mean anything by it.

Motel: Sam is in the shower while Dean has been out. He returns and puts itching powder in Sam's underwear. Sam comes out the shower, and they discuss that Mordechai could be a Tulpa, a Tibetan thought form.

Cafeteria: Sam is squirming around while he explains Tulpa's to Dean. There was one incident when 20 monks visualized a golum and it appeared, so 10,000 websurfers could do the same. Since Craig painted signs from a Theology textbook, that could have also contributed. But, the story on the internet keeps changing, so does the spirit thus why the rock salt did not work. Worried that they might not be able to kill it Dean gets up and thinks of a way to kill it. Sam follows still squirming and Dean comes out about his itching powder.

Trailer Park: Harry and Ed are discussing there "encounter" with the ghost. Dean and Sam visit and knock on the door scaring them. Ed and Harry answer the door, only to be asked to shut down the website. They refuse so Sam and Dean trick them into shutting it down to learn more about the Mordechai. Ed and Harry agree to shut down the site, now that they know how to kill him.

Restaurant: Sam in on his laptop while in the restaurant looking at the site to see if Ed and Harry posted the information, which they did, changing the legend. Dean takes a sip of his drink only to find he can't pull the bottle away from his hand because Sam superglued it.

Hell House: Cops are patrolling the house, and hear laughter coming from a bush, which happens to be a fish device that laughs that Dean and Sam took from the restaurant they were previously in. The cops get distracted giving Sam and Dean a ticket into the Hell House.

Sam and Dean hear voices which turn out to be Ed and Harry. Annoyed the four of them hear a scraping noise which is Mordechai. He comes bursting out, so Sam and Dean start firing. Nothing happens. Mordechai disappears again but then reappears to break the camera from Harry's hands. Sam and Dean question if Ed and Harry really posted the info. They did, but the server crashed. Now they have no ideas.

Ed and Harry try to escape the house but Mordechai stops them and pins them up against the walls. Sam goes and distracts Mordechai so Ed and Harry can escape. Now Sam is in trouble. Dean then goes around spraying an aerosol he's ignited. Deans idea is to burn the place to the ground. Dean burns Mordechai giving Sam the ability to escape which he does as his brother follows.

They watch as the whole house burns down. If Mordechai only stays in the house and if there is no house, he can't haunt anyone anymore. If the legend changes Dean says they will just come back.

Trailer Park: Ed and Harry got a call from a movie producer that visited their website. He wants them to possibly write a movie on Mordechai. Sam and Dean congratulate them and then they go on there way.

Sam confesses that he is the one that called them impersonating the movie producer, while Dean put a dead fish in the back of Ed and Harry's car. They share a laugh and call a temporary truce for there jokes.
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16 epizoda-Hell House
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