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Chicago, Illinois: A young woman, Meredith, is walking home late at night listening to her iPod. A man bumps into her, but they both continue walking. Meredith turns into an alley when her Ipod starts to cut in and out. It starts to get windy, when she hears whispers. She looks around only to find no one is there. Becoming more scared she starts to pick up her walking pace as she sees a shadow behind is getting larger. She finally starts running to her apartment, only a few seconds away. She starts to look for her key and opens the door.

Meredith's Apartment: Once inside she goes straight for her alarm system and enters a code in. Feeling safer she starts to relax, and goes over to her answering machine where she hears all her messages. The shadow is now on her wall and attacks her as blood spurts out.

One Week Later: Sam is holding a newspaper clipping of Meredith's death as Dean is outside going through the trunk. They are going to Meredith's apartment. Dean jokes about the costumes they are wearing. Dean mentioned that it cost "hard-earned money" because credit card fraud isn't easy.

Meredith's Apartment: Let in by the land lady, Sam and Dean impersonate alarm company workers. The land lady was telling them about how useless the alarm system is. Sam and Dean started questions about Meredith. The land lady was the one who found her, once she smelled a funny odor. The Land Lady also mentioned that there was no sign of break in, everything was locked and shut. Meredith, although, was cut up in peices as if an animal did it. The land lady then left, so Sam and Dean were able to search around.

Dean takes out a ghost device that detects spirits. Dean also managed to talk to a cop, Amy, who gave some information to Dean. Meredith's heart was missing. Sam and Dean were discussing what could have done this, Sam believes it was a spirit and that is how it didn't leave behind any trail or anything. Dean notices the blood on the carpet and asks for tape. Dean connects the blood stains together, and it creates a symbol.

Local Bar: Sam and Dean are in a local bar. Sam is looking through their father's journal and Dean is socializing with the waitress. Meredith worked at that bar, yet nothing strange was going on with her. Sam could not find anything on the symbol. Apparently there was another victim before Meredith, Ben, who died under the same circumstances. Sam then notices someone behind Dean. Sam walks up to find out that it is Meg.

Sam and Meg start a conversation. Dean clears his throat loudly, so Sam introduces him to Meg. Meg is instantly disgusted with him, due to Sam and Meg's last meeting. Because of the awkwardness Dean goes to get another drink. Meg apologizes about how she acted. Meg confirms that Sam has her number and tells him her last name "Masters". Sam promises to call her and gives his "Scout's Honor."

Now outside the bar, Sam feels as if something weird is going on. Dean thinks it's just a random coincidence, but Sam believes that it doesn't happen to them. Dean teases Sam about how he has a thing for Meg. Sam decides to go follow Meg while Dean looks for any information.

Hotel/Impala: Dean is looking for information while Sam is outside of Meg's apartment. Dean continues to tease Sam, so Sam changes the subject and asks about the symbol. Dean does have information on it, the symbol is a sign for a davae or "demon of darkness." A davae needs to be summoned or conjured so someone is controlling it. Dean tries to convince Sam that he managed to get the information himself, but he later admits that he called one of his father's friends. Sam believes that someone must really know there stuff, to control a davae. Dean then goes back to the teasing, right before Sam hangs up on him.

Meg goes in front of her window wearing only a black bra and gets dressed. Sam watches until a woman comes up to the window and calls Sam a pervert. Meg then exits the apartment building, with Sam following. She goes into an old abondoned warehouse, with Sam still following. She goes up an elevator which needs a passcode. Sam doesn't have it so he goes up by climbing the elevator shaft.

Once on the level Meg is, Sam remains in the shaft as he overhears Meg. She has the same cup as in Scarecrow and she speaks in ancient dialogue. She then speaks in english about how 'the brothers' are in town. Sam is shocked about his discovery.

Hotel Room: Sam hastily walks in to relay Dean information, which Dean has some of his own. Sam talks about what he has found out with Meg, and how she is taking orders. Apparently Dean found out that both victims were born in Lawrence, Kansas. Sam believes that Meg could be related to the demon that killed their mother. Dean feels that they shouldn't do this alone.

Sam walks in with a duffle bag while Dean is sitting on the bed talking on his cell phone. He called their father, but only get his voicemail. Sam packs heavily for there mission because they dont know what to expect. Sam is excited because if this is the thing that killed there mother, he can finally go back to his old life. Which Dean gets offended by because Dean enjoys Sam's company.

Inside Warehouse: Back at the warehouse Sam and Dean are on the level which Meg is, hiding, only to be found seconds later. The daeva comes to protect Meg and knocks Sam and Dean out cold. The two brothers awake to find themselves tied up to pillars. Meg reveals that this was all a trap for, not them, but their father.

Meg starts to flirt with Sam and get a little psychical. While Dean then starts to play with the rope that binds him-he has a knife. Meg notices and goes over to take away his knife. Meg, feeling smart goes back to Sam only to find that he is the one that broke free. Sam hits Meg and throws the altar over, causing the daeva to attack her and throw her out the window.

Hotel Room: Back at the hotel room Sam and Dean are greeted by there father. They hug, and start to talk about the demon that killed there mom. John does not want to bring them along with him to kill the demon, because John doesnt want to harm his boys. Suddenly John is thrown against the wall. The daeva is back.

Meg is outside controlling the demon with her necklace. Inside, all 3 of them are getting cut up badly. Sam gets up to get a phosphorus flare which he sets it off which fills up the room with light and gas so Sam, Dean, and John can make there escape.

Outside: They all know they have to escape. Sam makes one final attempt to try to keep the three together, but it is unsuccessful. Sam and Dean drive off in one direction, John in another, and Meg still in the area.
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