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 14 epizoda-The Benders

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HIBBING, MINNESOTA- A young boy named Evan is watching Godzilla on his bedroom TV when he hears a noise outside. He goes to the window to check, and sees a neighbour taking out the trash. It’s night time, and the neighbour seems jittery- he too has heard a strange noise. As Evan watches, the neighbour is roughly dragged by something under a car and vanishes.

EVAN’S HOME, SOME TIME THE SAME WEEK- Dean and Sam are dressed as state police, and are asking Evan and his mom some questions. Its obvious Evan’s mom is worried he imagined the noise etc, as he was watching Godzilla. Evan says the noise he heard sounded like a monster but that he didn’t see it, only Mr. Jenkins dragged under a car.

KUGEL’S KEG, A ROADSIDE BAR, NIGHT TIME - Sam and Dean discuss the case. Dean plays darts and suggests it could be just a normal kidnapping, but Sam suggests some kind of phantom attacker because their dad marked the area in his diary as a possible hunting ground for them. Sam goes to get in the car, while Dean goes to the toilet. When Dean walks out to the lot, Sam has vanished! Dean searches, but finds nothing only their dad’s diary that Sam was carrying. The only thing he notices is traffic cameras that hopefully may have filmed Sam’s abduction.

HIBBING COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, THE NEXT MORNING- Dean visits the local sheriff’s posing as a cop named Greg Washington. He tells the on-duty cop (Kathy Hudak) that his cousin Sam has been kidnapped and that he has a lead on the case. Hudak checks about Sam’s record on computer and eventually agrees to get Dean the traffic camera footage- but she won’t let him have access. Dean is obviously upset and impatient to find his brother.

IN A CAGE SOMEWHERE- Sam wakes up in a dark room to find himself caged. He looks around and spots another cage with a guy in who is either asleep or dead. He figures its Jenkins.

OUTSIDE THE COUNTY WORKS DEPT- Dean is seated on a bench waiting of officer Hudak. Hudak comes out with pictures taken outside the bar. A beat up truck with false plates apparently left the bar around the time Sam vanished. Dean realizes the sound of a beat up truck’s engine might sound like a monster to a kid, so the truck is probably what Evan heard too when his neighbor Jenkins was taken.

BACK IN THE CAGE- Sam is kicking at the cage to try and escape. The noise awakens Jenkins who says he thinks they’re in the country. As they talk, someone approaches, and Sam realizes his captors aren’t monsters, but just people. Sam and Jenkins talk about escaping and the lock that keeps the cages closed.

ON THE ROAD, NIGHT- Dean and Hudak are following the route the truck took according to the traffic cameras. Hudak gets report through on her onboard computer saying Dean is not the cop he is pretending to be. He confesses, but begs her to still let him look for Sam. Hudak looks at a picture in her car, and then says she’s taking dean in, but after they find Sam.

BACK IN THE CAGE- Sam pulls at a piece of conduit till it breaks and gets a bracket of it. Just then, Jenkins cage lock opens, for no apparent reason. Sam says it’s probably a trap, but Jenkins leaves anyway. He runs outside into the rainy night, finding a knife on the way. As he runs into the woods, it becomes all to clear his captors are now hunting him. Soon, two young men are upon him, spearing him to death.

THE NEXT MORNING, IN TOWN- Dean asks Hudak why she’s helping him as they grab a coffee, and she explains her brother, Riley vanished like Sam three years ago, and was never found. They then go back to their search and come across a muddy turn off on the road. Hudak pulls over to investigate, and when Dean says he wants to go with her, she handcuffs him to her cruiser’s door handle saying he’s a civilian.

THE BENDERS HOUSE- Hudak approaches on her own, and is surprised when a young girl answers the door. The girl, Missy says her mom is dead, and when Hudak shows her a picture of Sam she says she hasn’t seen him. She then says, ‘That’s gonna hurt’ and when the cop turns around, Missy’s dad is there and hits her unconscious with a shovel.

HUDAK’S CRUISER- Dean hears the Benders truck coming and knows he has to get free. He pulls off the car’s radio antenna and uses it to pick his handcuffs just in the nick of time. The two bender boys arrive and take the car to hide it.

CAGE ROOM- Dean finds Sam and Hudak but realizes the cages have to have a special key to open them. He has to go into the Benders house to try and find it. He also says there are a lot of cars out the back of the house, and Hudak asks if there was a Mustang. Dean realizes there was, and so the Benders killed the cop’s brother. He then goes to find the special key for the cage.

IN THE HOUSE- Dean sees lots of photos of people the Benders have hunted. He goes out of the cellar and is creeping around the main house when he spots some keys near a jar of human teeth. The one he wants isn’t there. A board creaks behind him and he spins to see Missy there. She throws a knife at him and then screams for her dad! All three Bender men race in, and although he tries, Dean is no match for them. He gets knocked out after a valiant fight.

SOME TIME LATER- Dean awakens, tied to a chair to find the Benders watching him. They talk about hunting humans for fun- which is what they’ve been doing. The father, Abraham wants to know if more cops are coming because of Hudak. Dean won’t reply- only with sarcasm. Eventually, Dean says no one else is coming, but Abraham doesn’t care. He says they’re going to have a hunt tonight and Dean gets to choose who gets killed, Sam, or the cop. Abraham takes a red hot poker to Dean and burns his shoulder with it until he picks. He says next time he’ll take an eye. Dean chooses Sam, thinking his brother might have a fighting chance, but then Abraham tells his son not to let Sam out, but to shoot him in the cage, and then kill the cop too!

IN THE CAGE- Sam hears someone coming, and when Lee Bender enters the cage he throws the bracket he got earlier, causing his foe to miss.

IN THE HOUSE- Dean hears the shot and screams ‘if you’ve hurt my brother, I’ll kill you!’

BACK IN THE CAGE- Sam overpowers Lee and takes the gun but it’s jammed.

IN THE HOUSE- Abraham calls to his son outside, and when he doesn’t reply, both remaining Bender men go to see what’s happening, leaving Missy to watch Dean.

OUTSIDE/BARN- Sam and Hudak fight the Benders (Sam turns Rambo lol) and Jared Bender ends up accidentally shooting his father in the shoulder. Sam knocks Jared out and locks him up, and Hudak takes one of the men’s weapons saying she’ll watch Abraham. She tells Sam to go get Dean. When Sam’s gone, Hudak asks Abraham why he killed her brother. He says ‘because it was fun.’

CUT TO OUTSIDE- Sam and Dean are exiting the main house when there’s a gun shot. Hudak exits the barn and says she shot Abraham because he tried to escape. The brothers share a look knowing what really happened.

SOME TIME LATER- Hudak has called for backup and they’re on their way. She tells Sam and Dean to leave before more cops arrive. Dean says he’s sorry about Hudak’s brother, and she is obviously pretty broke up now she knows he’s really dead.

Sam and Dean walk away into the night- bickering as always! Dean says if Sam gets kidnapped again, he’s not going to look for him. Sam says sure he will, and then laughs saying Dean got sidelined by a thirteen year old girl. Dean tells him to shut up and they vanish into the night, Sam laughing.
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14 epizoda-The Benders
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