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 13 epizoda- Nightmare

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PostSubject: 13 epizoda- Nightmare   13 epizoda- Nightmare Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 12:20 pm

MILLER GARAGE: A man pulls up in his garage, when stange things start to happen to him. Once he's actually pulled in, the garage door mysteriously shuts. Then his doors started to lock and the car starts up again. Gasoline fumes start coming into the car, as the man is still in it. Unable to unlock the doors, he dies.

MOTEL: Sam wakes up because he dreamed about that situation. Afraid, he wakes up Dean and on the road they go to find the man, because Sam has a feeling that what he had dreamed will come true.

ON THE ROAD: Dean is still not convinced that his dream will come true, but Sam decides to call information about the license plate he saw in the dream. Turns out that it was a real license plate. Sam tells Dean to drive faster.

CRIME SCENE : By the time the two get there the police are already bagging a dead body. Sam and Dean walk up to a crowd, they say it was a suicide. The way he died was the exact same way Sam dreamed. Sam looks over at the crying family, The Millers, and needs to walk away from the crowd.

Dean follows Sam and tries to comfort him in saying that it wasn't their fault. Dean tries to tell Sam that maybe it could have been a suicide. Sam on the other hand still believes his dreams were real.

MILLER HOUSE: Sam and Dean go into the house and introduce themselves as priests. The dead man's (Jim's) brother, Roger, answers the door. He is very edgey and does not want to be bothered by the two brothers, but he lets them in anyway. Jim's wife, Alice, then introduces herself. They talk to her and as they do she mentions her son, Max. Sam decides to get up to talk to him while Dean remains with Alice.

Sam finds Max as Dean asks questions about the house they live in. There were no leaks, lights shortages, or anything like that. Dean excuses himself to "go to the bathroom." Sam askes Max questions about his father. Max is still broken and doesn't know why his father killed himself. Sam sympathizes with him about not knowing answers.

Upstairs Dean takes out an infared thermal scanner and searches the area for any spirits. He hears footsteps coming and it ends up being Sam. Dean has found nothing with the device.

ANOTHER MOTEL: Sam and Dean talk about everything that has been going on. Dean still stands by that there is nothing wrong with the house, but Sam still has a feeling. Sam starts to get an intense headache, it's another "vision/dream."

Now he is dreaming about Roger. This time he is in his house and a window mysteriously opens every time he closes it. When tries to see if anything is wrong on the outside, the window closes and cuts off his head.

ON THE ROAD: Sam and Dean are driving to try to save Roger. Sam calls information to find out where he lives. Sam is afraid, the dreams are getting more intense. He also wants to know why he is seeing just the Miller's die. Dean doesn't have any answers.

OUTSIDE ROGER'S APARTMENT BUILDING: Sam and Dean get there in time to find Roger still otuside. Roger doesn't want their help, instead he just wants to be left alone and closes the door on them. Since Roger is inside Sam and Dean now have to try to find a way to save him. They climb the fire escape only moments too late. Dean gets a cloth so Sam and him could wipe off there finger prints. They decide to go inside, but they were unable to find anything.

Now they are walking to the Impala discussing what it could be. Sam did say he say a shadowed figure in the background, but other than that nothing. Sam feels as if he has something in common with Max, both of their families are cursed. Dean describes it as "having their dark spots."

MILLER HOUSE: Sam and Dean are back in their priests garb. Alice is resting, so they talk to Max. Sam asks if Jim and Roger used to be close. Max says yes, Roger even used to live next door when he was younger. Dean picks up on this and asks if the family ever went through a bad patch, like most families do. Max says no, never. Dean seems to find this answer interesting and the boys leave.

OUTSIDE: Dean thinks Max wasn't telling the truth, all families have ups and downs after all, but what does it mean? Max was also scared about something at the old house where he lived next door to his uncle. Sam and Dean decide to check it out.

OLD FAMILY HOUSE: Sam and Dean speak with an old neighbor. He tells them Max used to get beaten when he lived there, and that Alice is only his step-mom. He called the cops 7 or 8 times about it. Out of nowhere, Sam gets a blinding headache and Dean takes him back to the Impala.

Sam has another vision about Max and Alice. They were talking about how Alice never did anything to protect Max. Then a knife is lifted up via Max. Apparently he has telekinesis. Alice up against the wall, is stabbed in the eye by Max.

ON THE ROAD: Sam and Dean are driving to the Miller's to stop Max. Sam finally pieces everything together, but still wants to know why he has these visions about Max. One theory was that because they were so alike: Psychic Powers and bad Family History. Dean is ready to stop Max, by ending his life. Sam is completely against that because Max is a person, so they will try to talk to him instead.

INSIDE THE HOUSE: Sam's vision is starting to come true but luckily the two brothers stop it just in time. Sam askes if he could speak to Max outside. On their way out, Max spots Dean's gun and decides to stop them. Sam calms Max down, and decides to go to talk to Max while dean takes Alice upstairs. Dean's a little hesistant about the whole idea but goes along with it.

Sam and Max start talking, and Sam finds out that the beatings still go on. When Max found out about his abilities he knew what he had to do. Max's dad blamed him about everything, even his mother's death. Turns out Max's mother died exactly how Sam's did. In the nursery, pinned to the ceiling, and burned.

Sam is amazed and figures out why he is having visions about Max. Sam and Max's powers both manifested at about the same time, and their mothers died the same way. Sam thinks that they are "chosen ones." He tries to talk Max into letting him and Dean go, and making his step-mom live because it would just cause more pain. Max doesn't care and locks Sam into a closet.

Max is going upstairs to go kill his step-mother. He still has Dean's gun and is ready to shoot. Dean goes in front of Max's Step-mother, and says he needs to go through him first. Max then shoots Dean in the head. A white flash then shows, it was another one of Sam's visions. Sam, now even more determined to get out, starts pushing at the closet door. A huge cabinet is in the way. Out of nowhere, the shelf moves. Sam is a little shocked, but runs upstairs.

Sam gets there right before Max is about to shoot Dean. Sam tries one last attempt to save him, saying it wouldn't solve anything. Max then agrees, so he shoots himself instead.

Later on, a police officier is asking Alice questions. She starts to cry about how she lost everyone, so the questions stop and Dean and Sam leave. Now they're outside, and Sam says that they were fortunate to have their dad because they could have had Max's childhood.

MOTEL: At the motel, Sam and Dean start discussing the thing that killed their mother, Jessica, and Max's mother. In the midst of the discussion Sam tells Dean about how he got out of the closet. Dean picks up a spoon and askes him to bend it. Sam cannot control it though, so it could have possibly been a one-time deal. Sam askes Dean if he was worried about him, and how he could be like Max. Dean isn't worried, because Sam has something Max didn't, a brother.
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13 epizoda- Nightmare
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