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 8 epizoda-Home

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PostSubject: 8 epizoda-Home   Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:26 am

Lawrence, Kansas: A woman, Jenny, and her kids currently resides in the Winchester's old house. Jenny goes through boxes and finds her wedding picture which makes her start to tear up. Her daughter, Sari, comes and claims that there is something in her closet. Jenny gets up and proves to Sari that there was nothing in her closet and Jenny tucks her daughter into bed. Before Jenny leaves Sari tells her that she doesn't like the house. Jenny assures Sari that she and her brother will get used it, and will be very happy there. Jenny gets up to leave and shuts off the light but before she gets out of the room Sari says "The Chair" which indicates Jenny to put a chair in front of the closet door.

Jenny finally leaves and then goes back to where she was to go through all of the boxes again. Once Jenny does she hears a crackling in the floor and prays that it isn't rats. She goes down to the basement to check out what it was. She looks around and attempts to turn on the light only to find that its broken. Meanwhile, in Sari's room the chair starts to move that was in front of the door. Jenny, still downstairs keep searching to see if she could find anything. She comes across a chest with the Winchester 's pictures. Back upstairs the door starts to open only to reveal a huge flame from inside the closet, Sari screams.

Hotel(Somewhere): Sam wakes up to a nightmare of the daughter that screamed. Meanwhile, Dean is on the computer searching for strange, evil things. Sam then starts to sketch a tree he saw, many times. Completely ignoring all the weird events Dean has been trying to say, Sam finally gets up a makes a connection between the tree he drew and a tree that was in front of thier old house. Sam then explains to Dean where the need to go next, back home. Sam says that he has nightmares that sometimes come true such as the one with Jessica, his girlfriend that died. Dean swore to himself that he would never go back, but they both knew they have too.

Jenny's House (The Winchester's Old House): Sam and Dean are finally back in Lawrence. They get out of the car and go to the front door. Jenny answers the door, and Dean already starts that he is Federal Police but Sam cuts him off and comes clean to Jenny who they are ask if they could see the house. Jenny lets them in and wants to show them the pictures she has found of them.

The Kitchen: Inside the kitchen Sari is coloring, as her younger brother, Richie, is jumping in his play-pen repetatively asking for juice. Jenny introduces her kids to Dean and Sam, and explains to them how they used to live here.

They start to get talking and ask Jenny questions about the house. She says that its an old house that needs working on because the lights flicker, the sink is backed up, and she hears rat scratches. Sari calls her mother over and wants her to ask if the thing in her closet lived in their closet when they lived there. The mother tries to tell again that there is nothing in her closet and looks to Dean and Sam to back her up. They do but Sari explains to them about the fire in the closet yet Jenny still says it was just a dream.

Outside The House: Sam and Dean start talking about the "Figure on fire." Sam says that rats scratches and flickering lights are signs of a spirit, yet Dean is just freaked out that Sam's visions were coming true. Sam says that they need to get the people out of the house, yet Dean counters it by saying they didn't have a story to get them out of there with.

Gas Station: Dean is filling up the car with gas as Sam questions if this could be the thing that killed Jessica, and their mother. They question about how much they knew about what happened that night. All Dean remembers is how he carried Sam out and the flames. Other than that all they had to go on was what there father said. Dean is really calm throughout everything and Sam questions how he can feel like its just another job to him. Dean excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

Now away from Sam, Dean calls his father. Dean breaks down and says they are back at the old house and he doesn't know what to do and he needs his help.

Jenny's House: Jenny has called someone to fix her backed-up sink. He starts to work on it, unscrews a couple of things and unplugged something. While he does this a monkey toy starts to randomly go on and go off by itself. The man gets his glove shoves his arm down the sink, and something sucks the glove off of him. He shoves his arm down again to retrive the glove, but the unplugged displosal goes on and slices his arm.

Car Work-Shop: Sam and Dean go to a car garage their father once partly owned. They go to one of his partners and ask him about their father. The man went on about what happened before the fire such as how he loved his wife, Mary and his two kids. Yet after the fire the man said that he started to become a little "crazy" and said something caused the fire and started to go to a psychic. They asked for the psychic's name but he didn't know.

Phone Booth: Sam and Dean start to look for the psychics in town and find there are many of them. Sam starts to read off names and comes to a "Missouri Mosley." Dean goes and gets their father's journal and it says: "I went to Missouri..." in the first page. They alway thought it was the state, so they go off to the psychic.

Psychic's Office: Sam and Dean wait for their appointment with the psychic. They finally see her send a man out saying that his wife was loyal, and once he left she said she was banking him. Sam and Dean ask why she didn't tell him truth. She says people don't come to psychics for the truth, the come for good news.

Once it's Sam and Dean's appointment they go in and Missouri starts off by apologizing to Sam for what happened to his girlfriend and how their dad was missing. They wondered how she knew that and Missouri admits that she can read people's minds. Sam and Dean ask about their father and she says she doesnt know where he currently is.

Jenny's House: Jenny is arguing with the sink company about the man's hand, until she hears noises from upstairs. She leaves Richie downstairs as she goes up to check what is up there.

Psychic's Office: Missouri askes Sam and Dean about why they think something is back in the house. Missouri claims to be "keeping an eye on it" and how there have been no sudden deaths or freak accidents.

Meanwhile: Back at Jenny's house, Richie is playing in his play pen. Then with no one there the play pen opens and so does the refrigerator door. Richie goes to get some juice only to be locked in there by some force. Jenny comes back and realizes Richie is gone and starts to look around the house. She then notices milk dripping from the bottom of the refrigerator, she opens the door to reveal Richie is in there.

Sam and Dean are then at the door with Missouri. They ask if they can see the place again for old times sake. But Jenny says that it isn't the best time. Missouri then is able to get inside because she knows how Jenny feels about the house, and explains how Jenny needs to trust them because they can help.

Now inside the house, Missouri feels a dark energy and goes directly to Sam's old nursery, the place where it all happened. Dean pulls out a device. Missouri assures the boys that its not the thing that killed there mother and that its more than one spirit. Missouri says one is a Poltergeist and she couldn't make out the other one. But she did know that they wouldn't stop until Jenny and her kids were dead.

Missouri's Office: Missouri had a whole bunch of powder and things that could be used for the house. She said that had to put it in the North, South, West, and East sides of the house. Once they did this, it should "purify" the house and get rid of any bad spirits in there.

Jenny's House: Missouri gets Jenny to take her kids out to the movie while they purify the house. Sam, Missouri and Dean each have their purifying objects, and each go to their side of the house. Once the process is started they each get attacked by the spirit which was in the form of house hold objects. Unfortunately, Sam was unable to perform his task and was close to death because he was being chokedby a 'electrical cord'. Luckily Dean arrives and kicka a hole in the wall and is able to get the object in. A white aura then comes around the house.

Sam asks Missouri if this was all over and she says yes and questions Sam as to why he asked. Sam replies with a "nothing" as Jenny and her family enters the house. Jenny sees the house is a mess so Missouri offers Dean's services to clean up the house. Sam, Missouri and Dean later leave the house.

Jenny is now laying down on her bed and attempts to go to sleep. Once she does her bed starts to shake and she starts to scream. Luckily, Sam and Dean are outside the house because Sam still feels something isn't right. They scream her screaming by her window so they run in. In Sari's room a figure on fire comes out of her closet. Dean goes and saves Jenny as Sam goes to save Sari and Richie. Dean and Jenny get outside first and wait for Sam, Sari and Richie. Once they are by the door Sam tells Sari to take her brother outside as fast as she could without looking back, as Sam gets pulled back by the spirit.

Outside: Sari and Richie run out to join Dean and Jenny. Dean questions Sari as to where Sam was as she points inside. Dean runs to the car to get a gun and other weapons. He runs back to the door and tries to kick it open to no avail.

Inside: Sam is getting tossed around by the spirit and gets pinned up on a wall. The "Figure in Fire" starts to walk towards him but Dean comes in by chopping down the door with an axe.

Dean is ready to shoot the "Figure in Fire" but Sam says no because he can see who it is, their mother. Now in the form of their mother, she goes up to Sam and Dean and says "Sorry." She then looks to the ceiling and tells the spirit to let go of her son. She is then ingulfed in flames and Sam is released. Sam and Dean are in shock, but now they know its over.

The Next Day: Dean goes through the pictures that Jenny found and thanks her. Missouri is now positive there are no more spirits left in the house. Sam askes about if there mother was in there, and she says no. Apparently, the energy of their mother and the Poltergeist cancelled each other out, so she "sacrificed" herself to protect her boys.

Sam wants to know whats happening to him but Missouri doesn't have the answers. Missouri doesn't want them to be strangers and Dean replies that they won't.

Missouri's Office: Apparently Sam and Dean's father, John, was with Missouri. Missouri wondered why Sam couldn't sense that because he has such powerful abilities. John askes Missouri if she really thought Mary saved the boys and she replies with a yes. Yet then she askes him why won't he talked to them. He answers by saying he doesn't want to, but he wants to see them, but he can't. Not yet, not until he knows the truth.

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PostSubject: Re: 8 epizoda-Home   Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:26 am

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8 epizoda-Home
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